Scotland’s Migration Service launched

Information and advice for people, employers and investors.

Scotland’s Migration Service has launched its first phase, which will give people who have recently moved here and employers looking to hire workers from abroad access to bespoke advice.

The new service will provide information and offer individual appointments to help people with moving and settling into life in Scotland. It will also support businesses to navigate the immigration system, including advice from qualified advisors.

Migration Minister Emma Roddick said:

“New Scots make an enormous contribution to Scotland’s society by helping grow our economy, address skills shortages and contribute to public services. They are also vital to meeting our population needs. 

“The first few months after arrival in a new country are the most significant in terms of making people feel welcome and encouraging them to stay for the long term. This service will support people in those crucial weeks, helping ease the process of settling into life here.

“We also want to mitigate the complexity and bureaucracy of the immigration system – particularly post-Brexit – to encourage businesses to hire talented people from overseas and expand their operations here. By providing advice and information, we will help employers and investors grow businesses and attract talent.”

Ioannis Fotiadis, a civil engineer who moved to Edinburgh from Greece in 2021, said:

“This service promises to be an invaluable resource for migrants, offering support and guidance that can significantly ease the transition process. Reflecting on my own journey to Scotland, I can't help but wish that such a comprehensive resource had been available to me. 

"The challenges of relocating are manifold, and having access to dedicated support would have made a world of difference. I'm hopeful that this service will fill that gap for others, making their move smoother and more manageable.”

Chief Executive Officer of Edinburgh arts venue Summerhall, Sam Gough said:

“This service would have been invaluable to Summerhall when I first tried to recruit overseas technicians to help me on their Visa journey, as well as my own Sponsors’ Licence application.”  


The first phase of Scotland’s Migration Service is now open. It is currently available to the following groups:

  • People who have moved to Scotland within the past six months
  • International students in their final year at a Scottish university or college who would like to stay in Scotland after graduating
  • Employers based in Scotland who would like to hire international workers
  • Investors based in another country who would like to set up or expand a business in Scotland.

An expanded service, to include support for individuals located outside of Scotland with an interest in moving to Scotland, will follow later this year.

More information can be found here


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