Scotland's future in the EU

First Minister speech on protecting Scotland’s interests.

First Minister Nicola Sturgeon will give a major speech in Edinburgh tomorrow, one month on from the EU Referendum.

As well as reflecting on the campaign and the lessons of the result, she is expected to outline the key Scottish interests that are at stake and why they matter. She will also talk about the way forward in negotiations to ensure Scotland’s relationship with and interests in the EU are protected, following the overwhelming vote, by a 24-point margin, from people across Scotland to stay in the European Union.

She will address an audience made up of business leaders, charities, and public sector organisations at the Institute of Public Policy Research conference.

The First Minister is expected to say:

“I am determined that we find or create the options that best preserve the five key interests that depend on our relationship with the EU.

"Our democratic interests - the need to make sure Scotland’s voice is heard and our wishes respected.

"Our economic interests - safeguarding free movement of labour, access to a single market of 500 million people and the funding that our farmers and universities depend on.

"Our interests in social protection - ensuring the continued protection of workers’ and wider human rights.

“Our interest in solidarity - the ability of independent nations to come together for the common good of all our citizens, to tackle crime and terrorism and deal with global challenges like climate change.

“And our interest in having influence - making sure that we don't just have to abide by the rules of the single market but also have a say in shaping them.

“Democracy, economic prosperity, social protection, solidarity and influence - these are the vital interests that we now seek to safeguard. They are not abstract. They are real and they matter - for jobs, the economy, trade, investment and living standards.

“That’s why my task today and tomorrow and throughout the length of the coming negotiations will be to protect Scotland’s relationship with and interests in the European Union, and to explore every avenue and every option for doing so."


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