Rural economy boost

Further progress making CAP payments.

At least £50 million will be injected into Scotland’s rural economy in the comings weeks by the Scottish Government.

Rural Economy Secretary Fergus Ewing has confirmed that farmers and crofters will soon begin receiving their second instalment of direct farm funding.

It comes as Scotland’s Chief Statistician publishes the annual Economic Report on Scottish Agriculture.

Mr Ewing said:

“I am absolutely determined to make full direct payments to as many Scottish farmers as possible by 30 June. This is my utmost priority.

“All eligible farmers should have already received a substantial payment from the Scottish Government worth 80 per cent of their estimated entitlement, unless they chose to opt out of the nationally funded loan scheme.

“This Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) reform has completely changed the way funding is allocated so that it is now based on area of land. It means we need to verify and check what is being claimed for each and every square metre of farmland in Scotland before settling the balance of payments – a gargantuan administrative challenge involving an almost infinite combination of possibilities and literally millions and millions of complex calculations.

“Thanks to the relentless efforts of staff in area offices and our Edinburgh HQ, this process is nearing the very final stages of completion which will enable us to begin paying second instalments in the near future, injecting at least another £50 million into Scotland’s rural economy.”

Notes to editors

The Economic Report on Scottish Agriculture can be accessed at [link here].

The latest payment numbers can be accessed here:


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