Replacement of Monklands Hospital

Independent review report published.

An independent report into the decision on a replacement for Monklands Hospital has been published.

The review panel found NHS Lanarkshire used the correct guidance, and that overall the process had been effectively followed. They recommended:

• independent members be appointed to the project board
• the two top scoring options for the location of the new hospital – Gartcosh and Glenmavis - be re-evaluated
• a clear vision be developed for the existing site that takes into account the views of the local community

Responding to the report, Health Secretary Jeane Freeman also instructed NHS Lanarkshire to discount rebuilding on the existing Monklands site due to concerns over cost, timescales and patient safety. This will ensure the development will deliver a new state of the art hospital for the Monklands catchment area.

Ms Freeman said:

“I have accepted the recommendations on adding independent members to the project board and developing a vision for the existing site. On the process for selecting the site, I have asked NHS Lanarkshire to broaden out the process and to work closely with the local planning authority to ensure they can support and contribute to a more constructive, inclusive and open review of the options with meaningful public engagement.

“We’re committed to delivering a new hospital for everyone living in the Monklands catchment area. The new Monklands hospital will retain an A&E department along with associated specialist services. This will mean that if there are any viable sites in the Monklands area, beyond Gartcosh and Glenmavis, they will be considered, and it will ensure that the most appropriate site is identified through an appraisal process that is supported by the local community.

“I have also asked that the option of building on the existing site at Monklands be excluded from the re-evaluation because building a new hospital on an existing site takes longer, costs more and risks infection and other patient safety concerns. It will also create performance and access issues directly affecting patients, during the long construction phase. There is therefore little point in including an option which will score poorly in the appraisal.”


• eight recommendations for the Scottish Government relating to technical guidance have all been accepted
• the review was requested by Ms Freeman in November 2018 in response to concerns about the engagement and consultation process raised by members of the public and elected representatives

Full report of the Independent Review Panel.



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