Remembering the Holocaust

DFM: ‘No place for bigotry and prejudice in Scotland’.

Deputy First Minister John Swinney has warned of the dangers of denying fundamental human freedoms and allowing bigotry and intolerance to flourish.


Mr Swinney’s comments came at Scotland’s national event to mark Holocaust Memorial Day, at Bishopbriggs Academy.


Speaking ahead of the commemoration, the Deputy First Minister said:


“Eleven million lives were extinguished during the Holocaust, the equivalent of twice the population of Scotland. Since then human rights have been denied and atrocities have been committed in places across the world, including Rwanda, Srebrenica and Darfur.


“Such tragedies are the consequence of the denial of basic human rights and freedoms. We must never forget the Holocaust as an example of what human beings can do when fundamental human rights are abandoned, and bigotry and intolerance are allowed to flourish.


“There is absolutely no place for bigotry and prejudice in Scotland and the Scottish Government is committed to doing all that we can to prevent and eradicate hate crime and intolerance.


“Later this year, I intend to accompany a school visit to Auschwitz-Birkenau through the Lessons from Auschwitz Project. It is only through learning the lessons of the past that we can create a future in which all our communities can prosper together in peace.”


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