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Scots encouraged to start walking a mile a day.

Scots are being urged to start their New Year’s resolutions early and pledge to walk for 15 minutes a day, as the country takes steps towards becoming the world’s first Daily Mile nation.

Earlier this year the Scottish Government wrote to workplaces, schools, nurseries, colleges and universities encouraging people to walk, jog or run a mile every day – and has today published guidance for early learning and childcare services on how the Daily Mile can become an integral part of younger children’s early learning and development. 

Public Health Minister Aileen Campbell said: “Boxing Day is the perfect day to get out for a good walk, with your family or friends, enjoy the fresh air and make an early start on your New Year’s resolution to get more active.

“By walking just one mile a day, people can make huge changes to their lives. Something as simple as a 15 minute walk each day and being more active generally can improve mental and physical health. It is cost-effective and demonstrates that prevention really is better than cure. The health risks are stark: seven Scots die every day due to inactivity, often long before they have to. That is seven too many.

“2018 is the year to get Scots more active, and embrace the truly beautiful walking routes we have available to us – so put a spring in your step this festive season and end 2017 the way you mean to begin the new year.”


The Daily Mile was founded by Headteacher Elaine Wyllie at St Ninian’s Primary School in Stirling in 2012. Originally aimed at primary-aged children, the initiative has grown and earlier this year the Scottish Government wrote to workplaces, schools, nurseries, colleges and universities across Scotland, encouraging their employees and students to walk, jog or run for 15 minutes every day to improve their health, wellbeing and fitness.  The Daily Mile is so-called because in the 15 minutes, most children will average a mile or more.  It is simple, social and free – anyone can participate in The Daily Mile, regardless of age, ability or personal circumstance. 

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