Protecting Scotland’s environment

Environment strategy published.

A new strategy to ensure Scotland’s nature is protected and restored with flourishing biodiversity has been published.
By 2045 the strategy will help to transform Scotland and secure the wellbeing of the environment and biodiversity by restoring nature and ending Scotland’s contribution to climate change. This will mean Scotland:

  • plays a full role in tackling the global climate emergency and limiting temperature rise to 1.5C˚
  • uses and re-uses resource more wisely, bringing an end to the throwaway culture
  • promotes a sustainable economy that conserves and grows our natural assets
  • supports a healthy environment that delivers a fairer, more inclusive society

To ensure environmental standards are maintained once the transition period ends, an independent public body to oversee compliance with environmental law will be established.

Environment Secretary Roseanna Cunningham said:

“Scotland’s natural environment is our greatest national asset and it is fundamental to our future, our health, our quality of life and our economy.

“A healthy and diverse environment is essential to the wellbeing of our economy and people. We are clear that remaining in the EU is the best way to nurture our environment and we profoundly regret that Scotland is being taken out of the EU against our will. However, as we move outside the EU frameworks, that have guided our approach for half a century, it is vital that Scotland demonstrates a coherent, integrated approach to the environment that is governed effectively.

“That is why we will embed the EU environmental principles into law so they can continue to guide new policy and legislation in future.
“This strategy will also do more though. It will be a living and evolving approach, able to adapt to new evidence as it emerges and refocus work to take advantage of new opportunities or address new challenges.”
Environment Strategy for Scotland: vision and outcomes


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