Pay settlement for NHS staff

One per cent increase and extra measures for lowest paid.

A pay increase has been confirmed for all NHS Scotland staff for the fourth year in a row.

The Scottish Government has accepted independent recommendations on NHS pay, meaning all employees will receive at least a 1% pay rise in 2017/18. The changes should be implemented in time for April’s pay.

Additional measures continue for the lowest paid staff. Anyone earning up to £22,000 will also receive an additional sum to increase their pay by at least £400.

The recommendation to uplift General Medical Practitioners’ pay, net of expenses, by one per cent has also been accepted. This will also apply to independent contractor General Dental Practitioners.

Health Secretary Shona Robison said:

“NHS employees are the health service’s most valuable asset, and we value their contribution enormously. 

“I am glad to confirm that all NHS Scotland staff will receive salary increases from 1 April in line with the recommendations from the independent Pay Review Bodies.

“I recognise that pay restraint has been difficult, however this must be seen in the context of the significant cuts we have seen to Scotland’s budget in recent years.

“All directly employed NHS Scotland staff will receive at least a 1 per cent uplift in pay.  And we are again helping the lower paid by topping up the pay of anyone currently earning £22,000 and below.

“We will also continue to guarantee a living wage for all NHS staff, and maintain our commitment to no compulsory redundancies. This underlines the value we place on the hardworking men and women of Scotland’s health service.

“In addition, I recently announced an additional £71.6 million of investment in direct support of general practice – as part of a pledge to increase overall annual funding for primary care by £500 million by 2021. This is a key part of our efforts to attract more people into to profession, and make things better for people already working there.”


The changes will be implemented after the Scottish Government accepted the recommendations on NHS pay from the NHS Pay Review Body and Doctors’ and Dentists’ Pay Review Body (DDRB).

The Scottish Government rejected the DDRB’s recommendation to increase the value of Distinction Awards and Discretionary Points for senior consultants or to lift the freeze on new distinction awards.


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