Pay boost for carers

Workers guaranteed Living Wage for overnight hours.

Social care staff working ‘sleepover’ hours are to receive a pay increase, Health Secretary Shona Robison has announced.

Care workers will now be paid the real Living Wage of £8.45 for sleepover hours, meaning the Living Wage will now be received for all hours worked.   

Care workers have received the Living Wage for non-sleepover hours since 1st October 2016.‎

Health Secretary Shona Robison said:

“This will make a real difference to those whose hard work enables thousands of people across Scotland to live with dignity.

“The change will take place during 2018/19. This will provide time for it to be implemented in a way which will ensure continuity of care to individuals.

“The Scottish Government has worked closely with health and social care partnerships, care providers, trade unions, individuals using services and other stakeholders and will continue this engagement as partners begin to redesign sleepover provision.” 


Around 40,000 care workers supporting adults have benefitted from the Scottish Government’s commitment to enable payment of the Living Wage. Health and Social Care Partnerships will work with care providers to deliver the change during 2018/19. 


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