Oil and Gas Production Statistics 2015-16

An Official Statistics Publication for Scotland.

The release of Oil and Gas Production Statistics was announced today by Scotland’s Chief Statistician. This publication includes estimates of oil and gas production activity in Scotland (including Scottish adjacent waters). It reports production volumes, approximate sales income, operating costs and capital expenditure for the calendar years 1999 to 2015 and financial years 1999-00 to 2015-16.

Key statistics in the publication are:

• In financial year 2015-16, oil and gas production in Scotland (including Scottish adjacent waters) is estimated to have been 70.0 million tonnes of oil equivalent (mtoe).
• Scottish production increased by 21.4% compared to 2014-5, and accounted for 81 per cent of the UK total.
• In 2015-16, oil and gas fields in Scotland accounted for 96 per cent of UK crude oil and natural gas liquids (NGL) production, and 60 per cent of UK natural gas production.
• In 2015-16, the approximate sales value of oil and gas produced in Scotland is estimated to be £13.4 billion.
• The approx. sales value decreased by 23.5% compared to 2014-15, despite an increase in production over the year, due to sustained low prices.
• In 2015-16, operating expenditure (excluding decommissioning) on oil and gas production in Scotland is estimated to be £6.8 billion, down 6.7% compared to the previous year.
• In 2015-16, capital expenditure on oil and gas fields in Scottish waters is estimated to be £10.2 billion, down 17.6% compared to the previous year.

Notes to editors

The statistics publication is available at: http://www.gov.scot/Topics/Statistics/Browse/Economy/oilgas1516

The results are consistent with recent production statistics and data published by the Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS, formerly DECC), and with the latest expenditure statistics in the Oil and Gas UK Activity Survey for 2015.

Key findings in this publication are reported for the financial year 2015-16, which includes the latest available estimates up to March 2016. Some trends in production are also reported in calendar year terms. All results are available on both timeframes in the background tables, along with the quarterly estimates underpinning the annual totals.

Further information on the statistics is available at http://www.scotland.gov.uk/Topics/Statistics/Browse/Economy/Oilgas

The figures released today were produced in accordance with professional standards set out in the Code of Practice for Official Statistics. More information on the standards of official statistics in Scotland can be accessed at: http://www.scotland.gov.uk/Topics/Statistics/About


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