NHS staff numbers

Projected increase of 1,400 posts this year.

The number of NHS staff is expected to increase by more than 1,400 whole time posts this year, according to officials statistics published today.

The report, which looks at projected staff numbers across Scotland’s NHS boards, predicts a rise of 1,414.2 whole time equivalent (WTE) posts, a 1% rise.

Nursing and midwifery is expected to see the largest projected rise, accounting for 42% of the additional posts, with an extra 594.9 WTE positions, a 1% increase. The medical group is projected to increase by 206.6 posts (up 1.7%), allied health professionals by 191.5 posts (up 1.7%) and ambulance services by 91.1 posts (up 3.5%).

Health Secretary Shona Robison said:

“There are record numbers of staff across Scotland’s health service, and these projected figures show that we are on track to continue that increase in the year ahead.

“The largest proportion of these increases are expected to be in the nursing and midwifery staff group. To continue this, we have committed to create an additional 2,600 training places for nurses and midwives over the next four years.

“Increasing staff numbers is important, but we are also focussed on making sure we develop and retain the flexible workforce we need. This is backed up by other measures in our workforce strategy, such as extended ‘return to practice’ programmes and improved recruitment and retention schemes, particularly in rural areas.”


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