New Judicial Complaints Reviewer appointed

Role ensures complaints about the judiciary are properly handled.

James Mollison has been appointed as the new Judicial Complaints Reviewer.

The Reviewer offers an independent, impartial and free service for anyone unhappy with the way their complaint about the conduct of a member of the judiciary – including judges, sheriffs and Justices of the Peace – has been handled by the Judicial Office for Scotland.

The role has powers to carry out an independent review into how complaints have been handled. The Reviewer then makes a referral to the Lord President, Head of the Judiciary in Scotland, to consider what action may be required, if it is found the relevant rules have not been followed.

Mr Mollison is a Panel Chair for the General Teaching Council for Scotland has more than 20 years’ experience in senior risk and quality assurance roles for large companies.

He has been appointed to the post for three years, and his appointment follows former Judicial Complaints Reviewer Ian Gordon stepping down from the role in August 2022.

Justice Secretary Keith Brown said:

“To uphold a modern, person-centred justice system it is important that the judiciary are held to the high standards expected of them.

“We are committed to improving everyone’s experiences of the justice system where possible, and as part of that it is vital there is a completely independent, fair and transparent process where people can access support and make complaints when needed.

“Mr Mollison brings a wealth of experience dealing with professional complaints to this role and I am sure that he will play an important part in ensuring the rules in place are being properly followed.

“I’d like to thank Ian Gordon for his five years of service and the support he’s provided to the justice service during his time.”


All Judicial Complaints Reviewer appointments are made on merit following an open recruitment process and with the consent of the Lord President.

The purpose of a review by the Judicial Complaints Reviewer is to ensure that complaints have been conducted in accordance with either the Complaints about the Judiciary (Scotland) Rules 2017 or the Complaints about the Scottish Tribunals Rules 2018, known as ‘the Rules’.

The Reviewer can only investigate complaints that have been submitted to him following completion of the Judicial Office for Scotland's complaints process.

More information can be found on the Judicial Complaints Reviewer website.


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