New Independent Advocacy Service opens

Support available for disabled people to access Scottish social security. 

Disabled people are now able to access a new advocacy service to get help applying for Scottish social security benefits. 

The support is available to disabled people applying for any of Social Security Scotland’s current and future benefits including Child Disability Payment and Adult Disability Payment.

It also covers advocacy support for disabled people to access payments for families with children, people who need help to pay for a funeral, carers and young people entering the workplace.

This service will be delivered by the charity VoiceAbility and is entirely independent of the Scottish Government and Social Security Scotland. 

The Scottish Government has committed up to £20.4 million over the next four years to the provision of the new Independent Advocacy Service. 

To enable them to deliver this service, VoiceAbility will create up to 100 new advocacy jobs across the country over the next four years, with a head office and dedicated training centre in Glasgow. 

Minister for Social Security Ben Macpherson said: 

“Accessing social security is a human right and we have an obligation to do what we can to make sure disabled people are able to get the help they need to access financial support they are entitled to. 

“This is why we are investing in an independent and free advocacy service for disabled people who need support to engage with us. This new service will help disabled people be aware of their rights, express themselves and feel understood when applying for Scottish social security benefits. 

“The service, which is unique to Scotland, is just one of the ways that we’ve responded to what people have told us they want from our new social security system. It is all part of our work to make sure people applying for benefits have a positive experience and find it straightforward and simple no matter what their individual circumstances are.  

“Our system is designed to adapt to an individual’s needs rather than expecting them to adapt to access it and we start from a position of trust. I am delighted this new independent service is available to disabled people, it highlights how we are ensuring our social security system is based on dignity, fairness and respect.”

Chief Executive of VoiceAbility Jonathan Senker said:

“We are proud to have established a new base in Scotland to provide this Independent Advocacy Service. Our team of skilled advocates will cover the length and breadth of Scotland to provide bespoke support to disabled people to apply for benefits from Social Security Scotland. 

"The advocacy we provide will support disabled people to make sure their voices are heard when it matters most and will mean that more people know and understand their rights when applying for Social Security Scotland benefits. We are excited about the difference this service will make to disabled people.”


  • VoiceAbility is a charity with 40 years’ experience in delivering independent advocacy services
  • the service will provide free and independent advocacy to anyone who identifies as disabled and requires support to communicate. This may include people with a sensory disability, mental health condition or learning disability
  • people can access this support by contacting VoiceAbility directly for free on 0300 303 1660 or by visiting
  • people can also access this support by calling Social Security Scotland for free on 0800 182 2222 and asking to be referred to the Independent Advocacy Service.


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