New Green Jobs Workforce Academy

Advice service launched as ScottishPower announce 135 new green jobs in Scotland.

People will be able to access information, advice and skills needed to thrive in a net-zero economy.

The new Green Jobs Workforce Academy, delivered by Skills Development Scotland, will help people take a greener approach to their careers, from accessing training and learning new skills, to finding a new green job.

This 100 days commitment of the new Scottish Government has been launched as the First Minister welcomed news that ScottishPower were creating 152 new green jobs, of which 135 will be based in Scotland.

These new roles will be listed on the academy’s website alongside information on the types of jobs emerging in sectors crucial to Scotland’s transition to a net-zero economy, such as renewable energy, construction and transport. 

First Minister Nicola Sturgeon said:

“As we recover from the pandemic we are determined to build a fairer economy that delivers the skills, opportunities and jobs for the future that will help secure our transition to net-zero and end our contribution to climate change.

“The launch of our Green Jobs Workforce Academy is an invaluable step in preparing our current and future workforce to seize the opportunities afforded to us as part of that just transition. The academy will guide people of all ages through a process of identifying the skills they have and the skills they will need to find and secure green jobs. 

“To help tackle climate change Scotland is already investing in green skills and attracting new green job opportunities. It is great to see ScottishPower creating 135 new green jobs in Scotland and I would encourage other employers to follow their lead. The Academy’s career advisors stand ready to support individuals interested in these jobs access the right training to help their career progress.

“Looking ahead to COP26 in Glasgow in November, Scotland can be proud that our climate change ambitions, backed by investment in creating a highly skilled green workforce, will be showcased on an international stage.”

CEO of ScottishPower Keith Anderson said:

“As we electrify the economy to meet our Net Zero decarbonisation goals our electricity grid will have to be ready for a doubling in demand for power. The green jobs we’re announcing today will be critical in delivering the upgrade to the grid and critical investment in the country’s electricity infrastructure. The jobs are also part of our work to drive the green recovery forward through job creation and investment and sector that help tackle the climate emergency.”

Chair of Skills Development Scotland Frank Mitchell said:

“There are already opportunities across a number of Scotland’s key economic sectors offering great career prospects for people with the right skills. The Green Jobs Workforce Academy will make it easier for people from a broad range of backgrounds to consider how their skills and experience can be built upon to launch a green career. It’s part of a range of measures SDS and its partners is engaged in through the Climate Emergency Skills Action to help us meet the challenges we now face.”


The First Minister visited ScottishPower’s training centre at Dealain House, Cumbernauld, on Monday 23 August 2021 to announce 135 new green jobs in Scotland.

The Green Jobs Workforce Academy will be delivered by the national skills agency Skills Development Scotland.

Skills Development Scotland are also developing an employer-facing Green Jobs Data Hub that will provide leadership, influence and guidance to businesses, and help cascade information on the types of green jobs on the horizon.


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