New fair work criteria

Prioritising secure and flexible employment through Fair Work First.

Workers will benefit from more secure, flexible and family friendly employment through extended Fair Work conditions.

The Fair Work First approach is focused on driving high quality and fair work across the labour market by applying relevant criteria to public sector grants and procurements.

New criteria will come into effect from October 2021 which will encourage employers to explicitly promote flexible and family friendly practices, alongside their opposition to fire and rehire processes and their support for other fair work priorities. This offers workers job security as well as flexible work that can benefit both workers and their employer. This approach is central to Scotland’s economic recovery from the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic.

Fair Work Minister Richard Lochhead said:

“Everyone should have the opportunity to access secure and stable employment that pays a proper wage while affording staff the flexibility to balance their work and personal life.

“Despite employment law being reserved to the UK Government, we are doing all we can to work in partnership with unions, workers and employers across all sectors of the economy to build fairer and more inclusive workplaces.

“Fair work is at the heart of our economic recovery. That is why we are extending the fair work criteria to explicitly promote flexible and family friendly working alongside a clear opposition to fire and rehire practice, and doing so within 100 days of this Government."


Fair Work First

Fair Work First criteria are used in the evaluation of funding bids and applications for public sector procurements and grants and in wider funding decisions by public sector bodies. The new Fair Work criteria will come into effect from October 2021.

Updated Fair Work First guidance which is being developed with input from the Fair Work Convention, STUC, COSLA, and business and third sector partners, will be published in September.

Through Fair Work First the Scottish Government and Scottish public bodies will use procurement processes to support delivery of fairer work. Revised procurement policy advice will be published in September.


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