Museum spot for Baby Box

Box will be placed into childhood exhibition.

Scotland's Baby Box will be preserved in history when it is placed into the Museum of Childhood a year after it was first introduced.

52,065 babies across the country have now received a Baby Box containing essential items aimed at tackling inequality and promoting health.

The Museum of Childhood, in Edinburgh, will place the box into exhibition from next year.

Each box contains a large number of items for parents and babies, while the box itself comes with a mattress and can be used as a sleep space.

Children and Early Years Minister Maree Todd said:

"I am absolutely delighted that our Baby Box will have a place preserved in history here at the Museum of Childhood.

"This box has made such a difference to people's lives in the past year, and to know that this will now be on exhibition as a legacy of the babies of Scotland should make everyone involved in creating, packing and delivering the Baby Box very proud.

"We are committed to ensuring every baby has the best start in life, and I've seen over the past year the difference this box and its contents has made to the lives of babies and their parents and carers."

Sandra Martin, History Curator for Edinburgh's Museums and Galleries, said:

"The Museum houses some extraordinary examples of childhood history from all sides of Scottish society. From real silver spoons, a popular gift with babies in Victorian Edinburgh, to makeshift dolls crafted with nothing more than a wooden spoon and some old cloth, by families who couldn't afford anything more.

"The modern baby box is the great equaliser. The same gifts for baby, available to all new mothers. It's a pleasure to welcome it into our collection."


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