Lowest underspend since devolution

Accounts given clean bill of health for twelfth year running.

The Scottish Government continues to demonstrate effective budget management, Consolidated Accounts published today show.

The accounts also show the lowest accounting underspend since 1999, of £85 million, 0.3% - the lowest underspend since devolution in 1999.

A report by the Auditor General has concluded the accounts are a sound financial report, and that the Scottish Government has managed its overall 2016/17 budget of £34 billion well.

Welcoming the publication of the accounts, Finance Secretary Derek Mackay said:

“These accounts show the Scottish Government has once again demonstrated we have control over our public finances and I welcome the Auditor General’s report. We will continue to work with the Scottish Parliament and key stakeholders as we take forward the implementation of new powers and the associated financial management frameworks.

“Under the current devolution settlement, the Scottish Government is not permitted to overspend its budget. As a consequence, we have consistently adopted a position of controlling expenditure to ensure we live within the budget caps that apply, while maximising spending on public services.

“Our competent management of the public purse has once again been demonstrated in a time of considerable economic turbulence and substantial pressure on Scotland’s public finances, as a result of continuing UK Government austerity.”


Scottish Government consolidated accounts


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