Independent Review of Social Care Scrutiny

Recommendations for improving care regulation published.

An independent review is recommending wider regulation of social care staff to better protect and help people receiving social care and support.

The Independent Review of Inspection, Scrutiny and Regulation in Scotland makes 38 recommendations including updating legislation, Health and Social Care Standards and the powers of intervention and enforcement that regulatory bodies have.

It also highlights a need for the system to rebalance, increasing the focus on continuous improvement and being more inclusive of the voices of those who receive social care support.

Chair Dame Sue Bruce was commissioned by Ministers to build on previous reports looking at various aspects of adult social care.

Social Care Minister Maree Todd said:

“I would like to thank Dame Sue Bruce and her team for this incredibly thorough report that identifies where there are gaps in our regulatory system and sets out how we can close them to ensure people get the support they need. We know that social care has faced many challenges in recent years – with energy and wage costs increasing, Brexit affecting recruitment and retention and huge efforts to protect some of our most vulnerable from the Covid pandemic.

“Over the summer, as part of our work to develop a National Care Service, I met with people who receive care, their loved ones, and those who work in the sector , so I too have seen the desire for meaningful change to address the challenges. This Review will be vital in helping us deliver the social care support services people deserve and also support the incredible workforce and I will give it my full consideration before updating parliament on our next steps.”

Chair Dame Sue Bruce said:

“The appetite for engagement and change has been striking. There is a palpable sense that the Review provides a real opportunity to take our recommendations and make the difference that people delivering support and being supported across the sector are looking for.

“I would like to thank all those who contributed, people have been extremely generous with their time and their views. I would also like to thank the Vice Chair, Stuart Currie, whose knowledge, experience and commitment has been extremely valuable throughout.”


The Independent Review of Inspection, Scrutiny and Regulation in Scotland

The Review looked at five themes:

  • A person centred approach
  • What needs to be inspected, scrutinised, and regulated
  • How should inspection, scrutiny, and regulation be carried out
  • How we will know systems are working
  • How will systems of inspection, scrutiny, and regulation support the workforce


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