Humanitarian fund

Emergency aid for crisis.

The Scottish Government has unveiled an emergency fund to help people in developing countries facing humanitarian crisis.

The £1 million Humanitarian Emergency Fund will provide life-saving humanitarian aid in the immediate aftermath of a crisis. An expert panel will be established to advise on and access the fund. It will be made up of 8-10 leading humanitarian aid organisations in Scotland with expertise in responding to emergencies.

The Disasters Emergency Committee (DEC) Secretariat have been appointed to support the panel.

There will be a phased availability of funds and limits on how much is allocated to each emergency to ensure that funds are available throughout the year.

International Development Minister Alasdair Allan, said:

“The Scottish government will do all we can to respond to global humanitarian challenges and help the world’s most vulnerable people in their hour of need.

“The Humanitarian Emergency Fund will provide immediate and effective assistance to reduce the threat to life and well-being caused by disasters, disease or conflict.

Disasters Emergency Committee CEO Saleh Saeed, said:

“The DEC Secretariat warmly welcomes this timely announcement and the Scottish Government’s new Humanitarian Emergency Fund.

“With 16 million people on the brink of starvation, the current crisis in East Africa highlights just how vital it is to allocate funds quickly when disaster strikes. This new fund will help humanitarian agencies reach more people in urgent need.”


The Fund will be split equally into two funding streams:

  • Emergencies which lead to a DEC Appeal being triggered; and
  • Emergencies that do not lead to the trigger of a DEC Appeal.

The details of the competitive selection process for panel member organisations will be announced in due course.


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