Hospital at Home for Older People

£3.6 million investment as capacity increases by 57% to exceed targets

The Scottish Government is continuing to invest in Hospital at Home for Older People with £3.6 million allocated for 2024/25, bringing total funding allocation for the initiative to over £15 million since 2020.

Recent statistics released by Healthcare Improvement Scotland (HIS) show that last year the Hospital at Home service for Older People, which provides a safe, alternative to being admitted to an acute hospital, exceeded targets in several key areas between April 2023 and March 2024, including:

  • total bed numbers have increased by over 57%, ahead of the Scottish Government’s 50% target
  • 14,467 patients used Hospital at Home, up from 11,686 in the previous 12-month period
  • the Hospital at Home service is now the eighth biggest “hospital” for older people emergency inpatients, alongside Forth Valley Royal Hospital in Stirling.

Health Secretary Neil Gray said:

“These figures from HIS show that Hospital at Home is becoming an increasingly popular care alternative for elderly patients to receive acute treatment in a place they feel comfortable and familiar with.

“There are more Hospital at Home beds available and an increasing number of patients choosing to use the service.

“Hospital at Home gives people greater independence during their recovery process. Evidence shows that those benefitting from the service are more likely to avoid hospital or care home stays for up to six months after an acute illness.

“It is also one of a range of measures that we have put in place to tackle delayed discharge numbers and free up beds within our hospitals.”

Belinda Robertson, Associate Director of Improvement, Healthcare Improvement Scotland said:

“This announcement of additional funding will continue to improve access to Hospital at Home services and make them more sustainable to the benefit of patients across Scotland. It’s heartening to see that Hospital at Home services prevented over 14,400 people spending time in hospital over the past year.

“Moreover, with our support we’ve witnessed more NHS boards and Health and Social Care Partnerships embracing Hospital at Home by establishing and developing services.

“We look forward to continuing to help services develop and share learning in the year ahead.”


Hospital at Home enables people to receive acute support treatments that would otherwise require them to be admitted to hospital, such as an intravenous drip or oxygen supply. It also provides access to hospital tests under the care of a consultant in their own home.

The full report from Healthcare Improvement Scotland is available on their website: h-h-progress-update-march-2024.pdf (


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