Helping homeowners maintain tenements

Advice and support to resolve disputes over shared upkeep.

A project that offers tenement homeowners free advice to tackle problems over communal upkeep will receive an extra £50,000.

An additional £10,000 will support research into potential safety issues, such as electrical fires.

In addition to taking action to support tenement homeowners to set up owners’ associations to help maintain communal areas, the Scottish Government is giving consideration to a range of recommendations from the Scottish Parliamentary Working Group on Tenement Maintenance.

These include asking owners to pay into a common building reserve fund and improving Home Reports to include information about the condition of tenements.

Housing Minister Kevin Stewart said:  

“Tenement homeowners and landlords have shared responsibilities for maintenance and need to ensure they have good quality, safe, sustainable and affordable properties.

“Tenements are an important part of Scotland’s architectural and cultural heritage and that is why the Scottish Government is supporting homeowners to maintain their properties. The proposals in our plan will help responsible owners in situations where one household is not contributing to shared costs, or where there are disputes about maintenance. They will also help to ensure buildings do not fall into disrepair.

“Through funding the Under One Roof website we are helping homeowners to access advice and support, and we are supporting vital research on electrical safety.”

Work  to explore these initiatives will be taken forward this year to ensure they are practical and affordable and to develop the legal changes needed.


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