Help for refugee dentists to use skills

Project expanded following success supporting doctors.

Dentists are to be included in a scheme that has already helped 37 refugee doctors begin to re-train to work in Scotland.

Following the success of the scheme, dentists will now be given the same training, language support, professional mentoring and work experience necessary so that their qualifications can be recognised by the General Dental Council.

The New Refugee Doctors Project is run by the Bridges Programme and provides the most comprehensive support for refugees who were doctors in their home countries. It is expected 50 doctors and 10 dentists will be supported by the programme over the next year.

Equalities Secretary Angela Constance said:

“The New Refugee Doctors Project has been a great success and is an example of how we can support refugees with medical skills start to practice in their new home country. Expanding the scheme to support dentists means Scotland will benefit from their expertise and highly specialised knowledge.

“We have a long history of welcoming refugees and are grateful for the contribution they make to our communities, economy and country. Projects like this show how we can embrace people now living in our country and make use of their skills to help others live better, healthier lives.”

Rabah El-Hassan from Sudan recently passed her final clinical exam and has submitted her papers for General Medical Council (GMC) registration. She said:

“The Refugee Doctors’ Project has been amazing and helped me so much - from the support I have received for my exams, to sorting out my registration. I am very thankful for the support I have received from everyone. My biggest hope now is that I will soon be working as a GP in my new home town of Glasgow.”

Maggie Lennon, Director of the Bridges Programmes, said:

“Our doctors have worked extremely hard and have proved just how important it is to them to get back to practising medicine as quickly as they can.

“All of the doctors have made measurable progress towards their goals and in the coming year we will see many more gaining registration. This is down to their dedication and the quality of support from the project partners, and is delivering excellent value for money for the investment the Scottish Government has made in these remarkable women and men.”


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