Global Goals Partnership

First Minister and President of Malawi sign new agreement.

A framework outlining Scotland and Malawi’s joint commitment to realising the United Nation’s Global Development Goals has been agreed.

First Minister Nicola Sturgeon and President Peter Mutharika of Malawi have signed a partnership agreement to commit both governments to development cooperation across areas such as health, education, human rights, governance and social enterprise.

The accord comes thirteen years after the governments of Scotland and Malawi first signed a cooperation agreement.

First Minister Nicola Sturgeon said:

“Scotland and Malawi have historical and enduring ties of friendship and cooperation. We have committed today to maintain this relationship and partnership in the future.

“Thirteen years since our governments first formally approved a development cooperation agreement, I am pleased we have the opportunity to update it to reflect our commitment to the UN Global Goals, and to each other, in the signing of a new Global Goals Partnership Agreement.

“By working together on areas such as environmental sustainability, health improvement and education, we can take steps to improve the lives of those in our countries and further afield.”


View the Global Goals Partnership Agreement here.

The President of Malawi is visiting Scotland from 23 - 26 April.

Supportive quotes:

Jane Salmonson, Chief Executive of Scotland’s International Development Alliance said:

“It is exciting to see the Co-operation Agreement between the Governments of Malawi and Scotland being renewed and brought up to date, especially in the light of the signing of the new Sustainable Development Goals since the first Co-operation Agreement was signed. 

“I strongly welcome the  prominence given to the new Goals in the way the priorities for development co-operation were agreed.  This new  Agreement exemplifies the way that countries can work together in partnership towards meeting the goals, to create lasting benefits for people and communities in Malawi and in the world that we and they share.”

Kenneth Ross, Chair of the Scotland Malawi Partnership, said:

"The vast range of people-to-people interactions between Scotland and Malawi have created an inspiring new model of international development.

“We strongly welcome the commitment of the two Governments to strengthening this unique partnership, now reaffirmed in the renewed  Cooperation Agreement being signed today." 

Andrew Namakhoma, Chair of the Malawi Scotland Partnership, said:

"With the signing of the new Cooperation Agreement comes the assurance of a strong people-to-people model of development which will see the two governments and civil society groups working towards equitable social development. Thanks to the two governments for championing the model."


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