Glasgow must bridge climate divide

First Minister to set out ambition for COP26.

First Minister Nicola Sturgeon will deliver a keynote speech on Monday setting out how COP26 in Glasgow can lead the world into the green revolution as she calls on international leaders to take credible action to limit global temperature increases and to deliver a fair financial package for the global south.

In the week that delegates arrive in Scotland’s largest city, the First Minister will address an audience of young people and students to argue that the country is uniquely placed to build a bridge between the voices of civil society and world leaders.

The First Minister will say that keeping the prospect of limiting global warning to less than 1.5 degrees alive, must be more than a slogan, and that delivering on the long promised £100bn of climate finance is an essential part of ensuring good faith between developed and developing countries.

Setting out further action by the Scottish Government, she is expected to say that Scotland will do what it can to contribute to a successful outcome at the Glasgow summit by bringing together member states in the negotiating room with the world’s regions, cities and devolved governments representing almost 2 billion people.

The First Minister will say:

“We will take seriously the responsibility of all governments – at all levels - to show ambition, and to galvanise action. If we do that, we can all contribute towards a successful summit.

“I have said that small countries can lead the way in this, and they can, but in the coming days, it is the countries which emit the most, who most need to step up. They need to make ambitious pledges to achieve net zero. And those pledges must be backed by credible actions.

“The idea of “keeping 1.5 alive”, cannot simply be a face-saving slogan. It must be real. And there must be progress in Glasgow which makes that outcome more likely.”

Speaking about Scotland’s role, she will add:

“Scotland is in a unique position to help make COP a success.

“And one of the ways in which we will do that, over the next three weeks, is by acting as a bridge.

“We will use our position, as the venue for COP, to create spaces and dialogues which encourage empathy, promote understanding and help people share perspectives.

“We will encourage national governments to match the ambition of cities, regions and state governments.

“We will help those around the negotiating table to hear from activists in the developed world and from the global South."


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