Funding to support equality and human rights

Additional £1 million annually for third sector organisations.

Organisations across Scotland will share £21 million funding over three years to advance human rights, promote equality and tackle discrimination.

A total of 48 organisations – including five specialist human rights organisations – will benefit from the new Equality and Human Rights Fund. Overall, this new three-year programme will provide an additional £1 million per year for organisations dedicated to tackling inequality and discrimination, furthering equality and advancing the realisation of human rights in Scotland.

One of the charities set to receive funding for the first time is Civil Rights First, which provides specialist legal advice and representation to people with protected characteristics such as ethnicity, age or disability.

Other organisations include Intercultural Youth Scotland, Generations Working Together and Neighbourhood Networks in Scotland.

Equalities Minister Christina McKelvie said:

“We want to build a fairer, more equal Scotland which is free from discrimination and where the human rights of everyone are respected, protected and fulfilled.

“Equality and human rights are at the heart of all we do. As we ease out of the pandemic, we are providing an annual increase of £1 million to support the vital efforts of these expert organisations to strengthen communities, further equality, and advance human rights of people across the country.”

Dionne McCabe, Trustee of Civil Rights First, said:

“This funding award, made in recognition of our specialist service delivery, is a significant step for our small charity in delivering to the most vulnerable with access to justice and a step change in growth across Scotland. We look forward to making a real difference with positive outcomes for vulnerable people.”

Celia Tennant, Chief Executive of Inspiring Scotland, which manages the fund on behalf of the Scottish Government, said:

 Everyone in Scotland deserves, and has a right, to live their life to their maximum ability, to contribute to society in the widest terms, and to have full self-determination.

“The large number of strong applicants to the fund demonstrates the depth of commitment from the third sector. We look forward to working with the diverse range of funded groups to share challenges, develop solutions and amplify learning.”


The Equality and Human Rights Fund is a new programme that supports organisations that deliver work focussed on tackling inequality and discrimination, furthering equality, and advancing the realisation of human rights in Scotland.

Five human rights organisations receiving additional funding for the first time are: Civic Rights First, Environmental Rights Centre for Scotland (ERCS), Glasgow Council for the Voluntary Sector, JustRight Scotland SCIO and The Poverty Alliance.


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