First Minister statement on airstrikes in Syria

First Minister Nicola Sturgeon responds to UK involvement in the US led strikes in Syria.

Responding to UK involvement in the US led strikes First Minister Nicola Sturgeon said:

“My thoughts this morning are with service personnel called to action. 

“We cannot tolerate Syria’s use of chemical weapons on a civilian population – but there has been no explanation from the Prime Minister or the President on how this action, taken without parliament’s approval, will halt the use of chemical weapons or contribute to a long term peace in the area.

“Air strikes by US and UK forces have not resolved the situation in Syria in the past and I am not persuaded they will do so now.

“This action risks not just further escalating the civil war in Syria but also a dangerous escalation of international tensions. There must be urgent confirmation from the Prime Minister that there will be no further action and no change to the role of UK military in regards to Syria without a full parliamentary debate.

“An international strategy is urgently required to bring peace and stability to the region.  UK foreign policy should be aimed at reaching an international consensus not simply complying with Presidential wishes.”


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