Fee increase for legal aid lawyers

Uplift comes as part of response to independent review.

Solicitors and advocates providing people with advice and representation through the legal aid scheme in Scotland will receive a 3% increase in fees. 

The increase, to take effect next April, was announced as part of the Scottish Government’s wider response to Martyn Evans’s independent review of legal aid.

The response also sets out plans for the establishment of a payment review panel, the streamlining of administrative processes and regulations to simplify fee structures.

A public consultation will be launched next year with responses informing the design of a user-focused and flexible legal aid service tailored to meet the needs of a modern Scotland.

Minister for Community Safety, Ash Denham, said:

“This Government values the professionals who undertake legal aid work, often for the most vulnerable in our society, therefore I am pleased to be able to announce a 3% increase in fees. This demonstrates our commitment to those delivering this vital service and is a first step in advance of a wider review of legal aid payments.

“We want a legal aid service that is effective and user-focused and our response to Martyn Evan’s review sets out commitments to simplify and update the current system.

“We have also confirmed legal aid provision for cases in housing, immigration, welfare and family law will remain protected, unlike in England and Wales where the legal aid scope for these categories has been cut.

“We will consult and work closely with the legal profession in delivering further improvements and hope this collaboration can lead to a better system for all involved.”


View the Scottish Government’s response in full.

Martyn Evans’s Independent Strategic Review of Legal Aid in Scotland: Rethinking Legal Aid

The Ministry of Justice estimates 25% of the population of England and Wales are financially eligible for civil legal aid that is currently within their scope. In contrast, the Scottish Legal Aid Board estimates 75% of Scotland’s population is financially eligible for civil legal aid.

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