Family Nurse Partnerships

Success of 10 year programme

More than 10,000 young mothers and their children have been helped by a decade-long programme since it began as a pilot in NHS Lothian.

An analysis report on the Family Nurse Partnership shows positive results for mothers and babies in areas such as breastfeeding rates and stopping smoking, with most children meeting all their milestones, and 95% receiving all their immunisations

The Family Nurse Partnership supports young, first-time mothers to prepare for motherhood and throughout the first two years of their child’s life.

Women’s Health Minister Maree Todd met mothers and staff who have taken part. She said:

“Over 10,000 young women have now received support through this programme since it started, which is a fantastic milestone. Family nurses help mothers to think about the future, what kind of parent they want to be and their goals and aspirations for other areas of their lives like education and employment.

“Earlier this year we committed to expanding the programme to all young first time mothers aged 21 and under by the end of 2024. Where possible, we will also target first time mothers under the age of 25 who are care experienced or from the most deprived communities. This expansion will mean we can support up to an additional 500 families per year by 2025.”

Val Alexander, service manager of the Family Nurse Partnership, who has been with the programme since it began, said:

“We are so proud of the Family Nurse Partnership and everything our clients have achieved.  The Family Nurse Partnership programme works to support young, first-time mothers to prepare for motherhood and continues that support for them and their child through the first two years.

“FNP was first delivered in NHS Lothian and to see it extended across Scotland to reach thousands more families is something very special for all of us.

“This 10-year analysis of the delivery of the service across Scotland will help us to see how far we have come and map out our goals and ambitions for the future of the programme and young families.”


Family Nurse Partnership: 10 year analysis - (

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