Fairer approach to employment

Up to £96 million support to help people find work.

Contracts worth up to £96 million have been awarded to organisations across Scotland to help people find and stay in work.

From April 2018 the new Fair Start Scotland service will aim to help at least 38,000 people, to find employment, including those facing barriers to entering the labour market.  

Employability Minister Jamie Hepburn confirmed that these employment support services will be delivered by a mix of public, private and third sector organisations in nine contract areas across Scotland. This new partnership approach will see more than half of provision delivered by supported businesses and by third sector and public sector bodies in Scotland.

The Scottish Government is already using its new powers through the Scotland Act to deliver one year transitional employment support services – Work First Scotland and Work Able Scotland which are helping unemployed people across Scotland, ahead of the full roll-out in 2018.

Speaking in the Scottish Parliament Mr Hepburn said:

“Awarding the Fair Start Scotland contracts is an important milestone in our commitment to providing Scottish employment support which will help people faced with barriers into work, access a fairer and more targeted support service.

“We are taking a different approach to the UK Government and listening to the views of unemployed people. By delivering Fair Start Scotland in nine contract areas we are reflecting Scotland’s different geographies, economies and population spread – as opposed to the UK Government’s approach which simply considered Scotland as one area.

“Crucially people’s participation in Fair Start Scotland will be voluntary. It will work with unemployed people to help and encourage them to see employment support as an opportunity, rather than being driven by the threat of financial sanctions.

“Our priority is that people receive high quality services, designed for their local needs and that treats them fairly and with respect.”

For more information on the contract awards: http://www.employabilityinscotland.com/devolved-employment-services/employment-support-2018/


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