Fair pay for public sector workers

Supporting wellbeing of workforce.

Guaranteeing a fair deal for the public sector workforce and protecting lower-paid workers underlines the wellbeing focus of this year’s Scottish Budget, Finance Secretary Kate Forbes said.

Scottish Government policy decisions mean the starting salaries for staff in a range of public sector professions in Scotland are already higher than in England, including:
• a newly-recruited teacher will earn £26,697 in Scotland, compared to £24,373 in England
• a band 5 staff nurse will earn £24,670 in Scotland, compared to £24,214 in England
• a newly-recruited police officer will earn £26,037 in Scotland, compared to £20,880 – £24,177 in England

The 2020-21 Public Sector Pay Policy published alongside the Budget includes a range of measures to further support the public sector workforce:
• a guaranteed 3% pay uplift for public sector workers earning up to £80,000
• a cash uplift of £750 for public sector workers who earn £25,000 or less
• continuing the Scottish Government’s commitment to the real Living Wage, now set at £9.30 per hour
• limiting to £2,000 the basic pay increase for those earning £80,000 or more

Ms Forbes said:

“Wellbeing and fairness are at the heart of this year’s Budget, and promoting the wellbeing of our public sector workers by protecting and increasing their pay is an important part of that.

“This pay policy responds to real-life circumstances, with measures to help us tackle inequalities by protecting the salaries of lower-paid employees. And of course investing in our hardworking public sector workforce will also help deliver top-class public services while supporting jobs and the wider economy.

“I am grateful for the engagement Ministers have had with the trades unions and others, and now hope Parliament will work with us to pass this Budget and reward our vital public sector workers.”


Full details of the Scottish Budget 2020-21

The Scottish Government has published its Public Sector Pay Policy for 2020-21.


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