Extra funds for sport

£2m support for governing bodies.

An additional £2 million will be invested in sports governing bodies, Minister for Sport Aileen Campbell has announced.

The extra funds will be distributed by sportscotland, the national agency for sport, to help offset reduced revenue from the National Lottery. 

Sport governing bodies receiving a share of the extra money will asked to help meet the Scottish Government’s priorities on reducing inequalities in sports participation. This means encouraging more women and girls to take part in sport, achieving 50/50 gender balance on boards, and greater engagement with LGBT communities, disadvantaged communities and other under-represented groups.

sportscotland will now work with sports governing bodies to make final decisions about how to allocate the additional investment.

Ms Campbell said:

“The Scottish Government is committed to do all we can to encourage more people to lead active lives. Sports governing bodies have an important role to play in that, and they can also be instrumental in ensuring equal access to sport and physical activity.

“We’ve asked the UK Government not to compound the effect of their austerity agenda by ignoring the problem of falling revenues to sport from the National Lottery – but they don’t appear to be listening.

“That’s why we’re providing this additional £2 million to help sportscotland and the governing bodies meet our shared goal - a healthier Scotland where everyone gets a fair chance to enjoy sport.”

Chair of sportscotland Mel Young said:

“The Scottish Government and sportscotland have been working very closely for a period of months with a view to delivering the best possible financial outcome for sport and we’re delighted that the Minister is announcing an additional £2 million into sport.

“This extra investment from the Scottish Government allows sportscotland to supplement our planned investment into the Scottish governing bodies of sport and will help protect jobs and encourage growth within the sports.

“We believe in the power of sport, in its ability to help instil leadership and teamwork among our children and young people, allow people to lead happier, healthier lives, and to promote social cohesion, so it is terrific news that the Scottish Government has been able to provide extra money for sport in Scotland.”


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