Deputy First Minister stands down

Shona Robison to remain in Cabinet.

Shona Robison has chosen to step down as Deputy First Minister and formally tendered her resignation to the First Minister.

Ms Robison will remain in Cabinet, in a role which will be announced in due course.

Ms Robison was appointed to the role in March 2023 at the same time as taking up the position of Cabinet Secretary for Finance.


First Minister’s letter to Shona Robison

Thank you for your kind words and also for being so open and thoughtful with me during our conversation last week. I deeply appreciate your willingness to help the process of taking forward our party and our government by offering to step aside from the role of Deputy First Minister. It is a role you have carried out well and with dedication, as you have in all your roles in government.

I thought hard about your offer because I recognise it as an act of selfless generosity. I agree with you that it will help me create the inclusive and unified team that is needed to take Scotland forward. 

I have made clear that my government will deliver progressive policies that will eradicate child poverty, improve the NHS, build the economy and create jobs, and take action on the climate emergency. I am delighted you have agreed to continue in a vital and senior role in Cabinet to stand alongside me in achieving that vision.

I know I will be able to rely on your counsel and advice in the future and look forward to working with you for the future of Scotland.


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