Connecting Kerrera

Supporting inclusivity and resilience for island residents.

Links between north and south communities on the Isle of Kerrera, near Oban, will be strengthened with the upgrade of a connecting track which will make it easier to travel across the island.

Work is expected to begin as soon as possible supported by funding from the Scottish Government’s Infrastructure Investment Plan. Planning is underway to ensure this work is completed as soon as possible.

Islands Minister Paul Wheelhouse said:

“This track will be incredibly important to the people living on the Isle of Kerrera and will help to bring the community together. Improving the transport links will support more activities on the island and lead to improved economic and social sustainability.

“We look forward to work starting next year and will continue to liaise with the local authority on potential options for the long-term maintenance of the new track.”

Isle of Kerrera Development Trust chair Martin Shields said:

“The road project, to put things very simply, will be life-changing for the Isle of Kerrera residents. It will allow our two separated populations to finally become one strong, vibrant community that can thrive and grow together.

“It will mean the whole community has equal access to all the island's facilities and assets. Arguably the most important example of this will see the North Kerrera residents being able to utilise the Calmac lifeline ferry service in the south.

“This project has been a very long time in the making and we are delighted to get the support of the Government Islands Team and we look forward to using this as a platform to work in partnership with the council to get the track to an adoptable standard.”


Costs for the project are still being identified and are expected to be finalised early in 2021.

The support from Scottish Government will upgrade the existing track to Forestry Standard.  


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