Climate justice essential at COP26

First Minister says Global South voices must be heard.

Those least responsible but most affected by climate change must be heard at COP26, the First Minister has said as the second week of negotiations gets underway.

Nicola Sturgeon said governments must use this week to deliver on more and fairer financial support for Global South countries.

The First Minister will meet with an interfaith group of representatives today as part of a series of meetings with Global South leaders this week.

They are expected to discuss the important role that faith and belief communities play in fostering community cohesion and how this can contribute to tackling climate change - as well as sharing their views on the current negotiations.

Following that, the First Minister will take part in a presentation with representatives from Malawi and Tanzania as part of the Glasgow Climate Dialogues, a series of talks co-hosted by the Scottish Government and Stop Climate Chaos Scotland that set out climate priorities from the Global South for COP26.

Later this week, the First Minister is expected to meet with delegates from island states and regions to discuss the particular challenges experienced by those communities and how countries in the Global North can show solidarity with them.

The First Minister said:

“Some progress was made last week with commitments on forestry, methane, coal, and pledges that, if delivered, could reduce the gap between the 1.5 degree target that science says we must hit, and the 2.7 degree trajectory we are currently on, but there is still a long way to go to deliver a fair and just outcome for all countries at COP 26.

“The next five days are critical to countries in the south who need fair financial support now to adapt to and mitigate the impacts of the climate emergency and who need to see clear steps taken to keep the target of capping temperature increases at 1.5 degrees alive.

“On the day where adaptation, loss and damage as a result of climate change are at the heart of COP, I am determined to do what I can to ensure leaders and negotiators hear the voices of those most impacted by the climate emergency.

“It is why we have committed to doubling our world-first Climate Justice Fund to £24m, and announced a £1m partnership to help some of the world’s most vulnerable communities tackle structural inequalities and recover from climate induced loss and damage.

“Over the next five days the world will be watching to see if the sense of optimism that has built up through last week can be turned into real action by countries around the world to tackle the climate crisis.”


Global south priorities for COP26 set out at Glasgow climate talks.


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