Climate change challenge

Future progress at risk following EU vote.

Scotland is determined to continue to work with its European neighbours to fight climate change, despite the confusion created by the UK Government’s Brexit plans.

Climate Change Secretary, Roseanna Cunningham, has acknowledged the European Union’s “progressive, powerful and influential voice” in international climate talks.

Speaking as she attended this year's UN climate talks in Marrakech, Ms Cunningham warned that Brexit would reduce Scotland’s access to financial support for climate change projects.

The Marrakech conference will see countries from around the world come together to discuss the implementation and delivery of the historic Paris Agreement, which sets the legally binding goal of limiting global temperature rises to less than two degrees Celsius.

Ms Cunningham said:

“Climate change is one of the defining issues of our age. It is a global problem which requires a global solution. International co-operation is vital and recent events haven’t changed that reality.

“However, it’s already clear the Brexit vote has created new complexities and difficulties, threatening our place in the European Union – a progressive, powerful and influential voice in these global talks.

“Our contribution to global climate change diplomacy is in jeopardy and our access to financial support programmes is at risk.

“Scotland continues to lead the UK, and most of Europe, in reducing greenhouse gas emissions. We have exceeded our ambitious target for 2020 six years early.

“In Marrakech, I will ensure Scotland’s voice is heard and that our friends across Europe and beyond are left in no doubt that the Scottish Government remains determined to lead by example.”


The Cabinet Secretary is attending the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change’s 22nd Convention of the Parties in Marrakech from November 13 – 15.



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