Climate change action

New plan to set out policies and proposals to reduce emissions.

The risks of exiting the European Single Market go beyond the huge impact on our economy, Climate Change Secretary Roseanna Cunningham has warned as the Scottish Government prepares to publish its draft Climate Change Plan.

Confirming the publication of the plan, Ms Cunningham highlighted her concerns that Brexit threatens Scotland’s environmental interests as the EU provides solidarity in tackling global challenges like climate change.

The Scottish Government will publish its third draft Climate Change Plan on Thursday (January 19) which will set out the policies and proposals which will help to reduce emissions over the coming years.

Scotland has already exceeded its 2020 emissions reductions target of delivering 42% emissions reductions, six years early.

Ms Cunningham said:

“The European Union has been a significant driver of environmental policy and legislation for the last 40 years. As consumers we have benefitted from EU rules and as a society we have achieved a high level of environmental protection and measures to combat climate change. This has helped Scotland progress our world leading low carbon ambitions.

“We must continue to do our utmost to protect our position as climate change leaders and to continue to play the role that we have been playing in contributing to EU-wide environmental policies. EU climate leadership and diplomacy and being able to negotiate on level terms with the USA, China and India, was central to delivering an ambitious international climate agreement.

“Next week the Scottish Government will publish its draft Climate Change Plan which will set out policies and proposals to reduce emissions and show how everyone can play a role in tackling climate change.

“This action is crucial as tackling climate change is an investment in our economy and our environment.” 
This will be the publication of the third Climate Change Plan and policies and proposals, previous versions are available at:
In November a roundtable of experts, set up to provide advice to the Scottish Government’s Standing Council on Europe, met for the first time, to discuss the impact of the EU referendum on the environment and climate change. Chaired by Professor Dame Anne Glover, the roundtable will meet again in early February.


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