Care Day Roadtrip 2017

Minister for Childcare journeys 150 miles across Scotland.

The Minister for Childcare and Early Years, Mark McDonald, will spend the day travelling across the country to meet with care experienced young people as part of National Care Day.

The journey will form part of the Scottish Government’s commitment to have a conversation with 1000 care experienced people during the next two years.

The Minister will start off the day at Robert Gordon University in Aberdeen before travelling to Dundee Science Centre, finishing the day at the first ever Care family gathering in Glasgow.

Mr McDonald said:

“National Care Day is a fantastic opportunity to stop and celebrate our looked after children and young people. The theme for the day is 'What are you proud of?' and I can’t think of anything more fitting.

“We can all be proud of what the young people who grow up in the care system already go on to achieve. The reality is that certain opportunities aren’t as easily available for those who have experienced the care system compared to their peers, but the young people I have met today definitely haven’t let this hold them back.

“We have made it clear time and time again that this Government’s ambition is to make Scotland the best place to grow up for all our young people, that means equal opportunities whatever your background. Which is exactly why we are taking part in a nationwide conversation with those whose voices matter most as part of the First Ministers commitment to an independent root and branch review of the care system.

“By engaging directly with those who have experience of the care system we can ensure their voices are heard, but more importantly, their input will be used to drive forward improvement.

“The message I want to send all our care experienced young people today is simple. You are valued, you deserve to be loved and you make us extremely proud. Now it is time to make you proud of us by driving forward the change we all want to see within the care system to benefit generations to come.”

Duncan Dunlop, Chief Executive of Who Cares? Scotland said:

“Care Day is an opportunity to send a clear message to care experienced people that we will support and celebrate them. That’s why we’re thrilled that every level of the Scottish Government has got behind our call.

“Care experienced people tell us that they want to be loved and to feel like someone is on their side. There is an unprecedented amount of activity happening across Scotland today which tells us that people do care. We hope that this continues well beyond Care Day so that care experienced people can feel a sense of belonging wherever they are, throughout the year.”


Care Day is a joint initiative between children’s charities across the whole of the UK under the 5 Nations 1 Voice Alliance. Who Cares? Scotland, Become in England, VOYPIC in Northern Ireland, EPIC in Ireland and Voices from Care in Wales.

You can follow the Ministers journey on Twitter using #CareDay.


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