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Business R&D jobs highest on record.

Research and development employment in businesses is at its highest level on record, new figures revealed today, with 11,000 jobs in Scotland in 2015.

The latest official statistics on Business Enterprise Research and Development (BERD) also find that, despite a small fall year-on-year, business spending on R&D in Scotland has risen by 41% in real terms since 2007, more than double the UK increase.

Minister for Business, Innovation and Energy Paul Wheelhouse said:

“Scotland has historically lagged behind the rest of the UK in business R&D spending. That we have now have the highest number of jobs on record in the sector is a sign that real progress is being made.

“This comes as part of a wider picture where, despite the change over the latest year, we have made progress in closing the R&D gap with the UK. Today’s figures reveal that the increase in business R&D spending is over 40% compared to 2007, more than double the increase for the UK as whole.

“This is not just good news for those people directly employed. R&D can open up new markets, streamline spending and create new products. That’s good for the economy as a whole. That’s why we will soon publish our Innovation Action Plan, which will help to increase levels of innovation in businesses across Scotland.

“Our ambition is for Scotland to rank among the top performing OECD nations for productivity, equality, sustainability and wellbeing. We know that this will be challenging, however the work we are undertaking to review our progress through the Enterprise and Skills Review will ensure that we can optimise economic impact across the whole of Scotland.”


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