Beef Efficiency Scheme

Tagging kits distributed to farmers.

Farmers will be informed of their animals selected for tissue tagging under the Beef Efficiency Scheme (BES) today, Rural Economy Secretary Fergus Ewing has confirmed.


Tagging kits will be sent directly from Neogen, the laboratory that will be processing the tissue samples, and will include all required equipment, instruction leaflets and a short reply form.


The return period for the tags is 30th June 2017 for this selection.


Mr Ewing said:

“Beef Efficiency Scheme contract holders will be directly contacted this week informing them that the selection process has now taken place and that they can expect to receive a tagging kit by the end of the year.

“To take into account technical issues experienced in making the initial selection, we have extended the return period for tags to 30 June 2017 for this selection. This flexibility will allow farmers to carry out tagging at a time that suits their businesses and removes the need to carry out additional handling. However, we would ask that farmers return the samples to Neogen as quickly as possible.


“I also want to reiterate it is not necessary for farmers to hold off from selling their animals. Farmers should continue with their normal practices as we will ensure that the sampling regime accommodates those farmers who have sold their calves and that there will be no penalties for those who have. This may mean, however, that some farmers will have a higher rate of sampling next year.”



The Beef Efficiency Scheme is part of the Scottish Rural Development Programme, which is part funded by the European Agricultural Fund for Rural Development.


Supported by £45 million over three years, Scotland’s world-class research in genomics will be used to improve efficiency, sustainability and quality of the nation’s beef herd – helping to improve farm profits and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.


The list of selected animals is now available onto the BES pages of farmers ScotEID accounts.


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