Age is just a number

New support and recognition for older people.

Older people’s rights are at the centre of a new framework to ensure people can remain active, keep working if they want to, feel safe, and access the services they need.

The Older People’s Framework aims to challenge unwelcome attitudes to and discrimination towards older people.

It highlights the positive contributions older people make to our society and the economy, and has been directly influenced by older people who have provided their thoughts, stories and experiences, bringing to life the issues they’ve faced over the years.

Speaking at a visit to The Ageing Well Midlothian programme, Older People and Equalities Minister Christina McKelvie said:

“Ageing is inevitable but growing older should not mean having to face barriers or discrimination, and one of the issues the framework addresses is the negative perceptions surrounding ageing.

“Older people in our society have much to offer and contribute and we are committed to supporting them.  

“This is why we are funding the celebration of older people at the Festival of Ageing, increasing digital inclusion, promoting fair workplace practices and ensuring we have a housing system which works for an ageing population.

“This framework is the next part of the journey and I am looking forward to an exciting trip, where we all work together to create the best country to age in.

“You only need to look at the Ageing Well project to see the many positive examples of older people enjoying life and bringing joy to their local community. This is what we need to encourage.”

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The Active Ageing Midlothian programme aims to improve, maintain and promote the physical and mental health of older people in Midlothian. There are currently 50 volunteers with the ‘Be Active’ programme. There are over 40 sessions offered each eek including singing, walking, tai chi, dance classes, table tennis, walking and netball.

Older People’s Framework  


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