A million ways to support social enterprises

Funding to promote and drive growth in the sector.

More than £1 million will help advance Scotland’s world-leading social enterprise sector, Equalities Secretary Angela Constance has announced.

Social enterprises deliver high quality products and services while conducting business in a more inclusive way, promoting inclusive growth and tackling inequalities.

Scotland’s Social Enterprise Strategy was launched in December alongside £140,000 to expand the Social Entrepreneurs Fund to help individuals set up and run a social enterprise.

In addition, a further £927,107 announced today will fund a number of early actions, including:

  • Starting the country’s first ‘social impact hubs’ to encourage greater teamwork between enterprises
  • Strengthening business and leadership support for our community enterprises and development trusts
  • Setting up a partnership and procurement hub to improve the sector’s ability to collaborate and tender for contracts
  • Advancing social enterprise learning across schools in the Highlands and Islands and Southern Scotland

Ms Constance made the announcement during a debate on Scotland’s Social Enterprise Strategy. She said:

“Scotland is a social enterprise world leader and our organisations are becoming widely known for their high quality services, which reduce inequality, lift people out of poverty and encourage more empowered and resilient communities.

“The sector is important to our aim of achieving a fairer Scotland, which is why we launched a first-ever dedicated, long-term strategy to grow our social enterprises and drive future growth.

“This additional funding will help us put into place the initial steps that will see us take forward and realise that ambition, while advancing the sector’s ability to continue making a vital contribution to our country and communities.”


Scotland’s Social Enterprise Strategy


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