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  1. Boosting broadband access

    Five more companies to support future proofed broadband.

  2. Strengthening bonds with US and Canada

    Cabinet Secretary engagements in North America.

  3. Vision for Trade annual report

    A responsible approach to global markets.

  4. Promoting responsible investment in Scotland’s natural assets

    New principles to develop a socially fairer, high-integrity market.

  5. Council Tax discounts protected under Ukraine sponsorship scheme

    Legislation to prevent households paying more.

  6. Embedding entrepreneurialism

    Industry roundtable to focus on delivering economic ambitions.

  7. Blue Economy Vision launch

    Move to make Scotland a global leader in marine management.

  8. £3.2m to strengthen remand alternatives

    Bail supervision and assessment support.

  9. Persistent poverty stable

    Latest Official Statistics published

  10. Charges on single-use drinks cups

    Coffee cup charge plans re-introduced.

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