2022 biggest year yet for Scottish social security system

Tens of thousands more payments made                                                                                     

The introduction of Adult Disability Payment, further automation and the increase and extension of Scottish Child Payment has seen more people apply for and get financial support they are entitled to.

Thousands of people have also had their benefit awards transferred to Social Security Scotland from the Department of Work and Pensions.

In March, Adult Disability Payment, which replaces the UK Government’s Personal Independence Payment and is the most complex benefit to be introduced so far, was launched as a pilot project before being made available to eligible disabled adults aged 16 to state pension age in Scotland at the end of August.

In November, Scottish Child Payment increased to £25 and was extended to include eligible children up to age 16 and around 385,000 children are now expected to be eligible.

At the same time, Social Security Scotland introduced further automation. Families and carers who already get Scottish Child Payment will now automatically be paid Best Start Grant Early Learning and School Age payments when their child is eligible.

Automatic payments continued for around 90,000 carers eligible for the December payment of Carers Allowance Supplement, as well as around 23,000 disabled children and young people who received Child Winter Heating Assistance to help heat their homes.

Minister for Social Security Ben Macpherson said:

“There is no doubt that 2022 has been the biggest and most complex year yet for Social Security Scotland. Creating a new social security system at pace has not been a simple task, but the progress made since 2018 has been substantial.

“Introducing Adult Disability Payment to replace the DWP’s Personal Independence Payment was a significant milestone in the growth of the Scottish social security system and marked a step change, delivering an improved experience for disabled people that is compassionate and rooted in trust.

“With many people facing financial hardship during the ongoing cost of living crisis, extending the Scottish Child Payment to under 16 year olds means that now hundreds of thousands more children will get much needed extra financial support.

“Investing in social security is a priority for the Scottish Government. Our commitment in the 2023-24 Budget to uprate benefits by 10.1% will mean more support going to people on low-incomes, disabled people, carers and young people right across Scotland at a time when many are facing tough financial challenges.

“Though there is still much work to do, we are creating a system to be proud of  and building strong foundations to serve Scotland for generations to come, treating people with dignity, fairness and respect. Social security is a human right and an investment in creating a fairer society, together.”

Dad Martin, whose daughter has learning difficulties, says receiving benefits helped his daughter flourish.

He said: “I went on the website and applied for Child Disability Payment. When I got accepted I went from having nothing at the end of the month to having £97 left. This enabled me to do so many things with my daughter and because of that she has flourished.”

Another young woman who received the Young Carer’s Grant this year, said: “It had a positive impact because I needed new clothes so I spent about £100 on clothes and then I shared the rest of the grant with my brother and sister.”

A mum who received School Age Payment for their child said: “I applied for this grant for my child when she started primary one. It was a great help to us to cover the costs of school uniforms and accessories required for school. I would urge all parents to apply for this grant.”






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