184,000 getting £25 Scottish Child Payment

£155 million in payments since introduction in February 2021

There were 184,000 children and young people getting £25 per week in Scottish Child Payment by the end of 2022, latest statistics show. 

The figure includes 78,000 who have received it since the payment was extended to include children aged between six and 16 in November. 

Social Security Scotland had provided decisions to just over half the people who applied on the extension of the payment by the end of 2022.

Decisions for the majority of people who applied or added additional children to their award between 14 November and 31 December 2022 have now been issued and this will be reported on in the next round of statistics.

Scottish Child Payment was announced in the summer of 2019, with the first payments being made in February 2021.

Since then it has risen from £10 per week per child to £25 per week per child - a 150% increase in value.

It means that the amount paid out to children totals £155 million until the end of last year.

Ahead of extending Scottish Child Payment to under-16s, local authorities also made more than 1.1 million Bridging Payments across 2021 and 2022 to the families of school age children worth a total of £169.3 million.

Social Justice Secretary Shona Robison said:

““These figures demonstrate our commitment to tackling child poverty and the significant financial support we have made available to meet that aim.

“This is just a snapshot of all the work being done since Scottish Child Payment was extended and increased until the end of 2022.

"We’ve since processed tens of thousands more applications.

“This represents remarkable progress in the delivery of the most ambitious child poverty reduction measure in the UK.

“That increased payment of £1,300 per child per year is now benefitting families across Scotland.

“We want to make sure that everyone gets the help available to them. Parents or carers who are on universal credit, tax credits or other benefits and who have children under 16 should check through Social Security Scotland if they are eligible.”


Scottish Child Payment is part of a wider package of five family payments including: Best Start Grant Pregnancy and Baby Payment, Best Start Grant Early Learning Payment, Best Start Grant School Age Payment and Best Start Foods

Best Start Grant Early Learning and School Age Payments are paid automatically to parents and carers who already receive Scottish Child Payment when their children become eligible.

The Scottish Government estimates that the extended and increased payment could lift 50,000 children out of poverty in 2023/24, a reduction of five percentage points according to the most recent Scottish Government forecasts issued in March 2022.

Families, and carers can find out more and apply at mygov.scot/scottishchildpayment or by calling Social Security Scotland free on 0800 182 2222

Families who already get Scottish Child Payment for a child under the age of six can add older children to their existing award. There is no cap on the number of children in one family who can receive Scottish Child Payment.

Social Security Scotland ran a marketing campaign to raise awareness of the payment tin January. It will run again in March. The Scottish Government’s new cost of living website provides information and support for families: gov.scot/costoflivingsupport

Bridging Payments were introduced in 2021 ahead of the roll out of the Scottish Child Payment to under 16s. Families received up to £520 per eligible child in 2021 and will receive up to £650 in 2022. A final doubled payment was made to families in December 2022.

Where someone applied for Scottish Child Payment before 31 December 2022 and has not received a decision, we have been in contact as we require additional information or evidence to process their application.

Link to statistics publication: https://www.socialsecurity.gov.scot/reporting/publications/scottish-child-payment-high-level-statistics-to-31-december-2022


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