11% rise in number of new build homes completed in 2019

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The latest quarterly statistics on new housebuilding and affordable housing supply have been released by Scotland’s Chief Statistician.

In the year to end December 2019, 22,386 new build homes were completed across all sectors. This was a 2,291 (11%) increase on the previous year and the highest number of homes built since 2007.

Private-led completions increased by 1,380 homes (9%), local authority completions increased by 375 homes (31%) and housing association completions increased by 536 homes (14%). The total number of homes completed across both housing associations and local authorities increased by 911 homes (18%).

The number of new build homes started increased to 23,672, a rise of 1,639 new homes (7%) on the previous year and the highest number of starts since 2008. There was a 10% increase in private sector new build home starts from the previous year, with 16,661 started. Local authority starts increased by 445, a 28% increase, while approvals for housing associations decreased by 384, a fall of 7%. The total number of homes started across both housing associations and local authorities increased by 61 homes (1%).

Levels of affordable housing delivery to end June 2020 have been impacted on by the introduction of measures to reduce the spread of the coronavirus (COVID-19) from mid-March to late June, including the pausing of all non-essential construction activity.

In the latest quarter to June 2020, a total of 197 affordable homes were delivered, a decrease of 84%, or 1,058 homes, when compared to the equivalent quarter in the previous year. This brings the total for the year to end June 2020 to 8,228 homes, down 11% (1,055 homes) on the previous year, but an increase of 17% compared with 2016. 

A total of 873 homes were approved and 791 homes were started in the latest quarterly period to end June 2020, levels which are 41% and 63% below equivalent quarterly levels in the previous year.

Despite these drops in the latest quarter, the numbers of homes approved and started have both increased on an annual basis. A total of 12,276 affordable homes were approved in the year to end June 2020, an increase of 1,436 homes (13%) on the previous year, and 10,701 homes were started, an increase of 186 homes (2%).



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