1,000th Living Wage employer

Stoats gains accreditation to reach landmark.

Stoats has been confirmed as Scotland’s 1,000th Living Wage-accredited employer.

The landmark means the Scottish Government has met its target of reaching 1,000 accredited employers by autumn 2017.

Visiting the company’s Edinburgh HQ during Living Wage Week, First Minister Nicola Sturgeon met staff and congratulated the company on gaining accreditation.

Stoats, which makes a range of oats-based products, employs 33 people. The company, founded in 2005, earned Living Wage accreditation shortly after moving to its new production facility three months ago.

The First Minister said:

“I am delighted that Scotland has reached this landmark during Living Wage Week. I congratulate Stoats on their commitment to demonstrate leadership in the business community by paying workers a fair, living wage.

“Through the Scottish Living Wage accreditation initiative, the Scottish Government is helping ensure peoples’ basic pay meets the cost of living. As well as the benefits to workers, it also makes sense to employers.

“Evidence shows paying the Real Living Wage leads to increased productivity, better morale and lower sickness absence. It also demonstrates to the world that the organisation is committed to treating its workforce well.”

Tony Stone, Managing Director of Stoats, said:

“Our staff are absolutely integral to our brand. We appreciate the hard work our team commits to produce 38,000 porridge oat bars by hand daily, consistently delivering quality products for our customers. 

“We are very proud to be a Living Wage employer and to receive this recognition from the First Minister on our commitment to our workforce.”

Peter Kelly, Director of the Poverty Alliance, who host the Scottish Living Wage Accreditation Initiative, said:

“Congratulations to Stoats on being recognised as Scotland’s 1000th accredited Living Wage employer.

“The Living Wage employer movement in Scotland has grown exponentially since the Accreditation Intiative was launched in April 2014, and we have seen more employers across Scotland join the Living Wage movement in this last year than ever before.

“There are now Living Wage accredited employers of all sizes, from a wide range of industries and sectors, in every region of Scotland. I would like to congratulate them all to their commitment to the real Living Wage.”



  • Scotland has 1,000 accredited living wage employers compared with around 3,500 across the whole of the UK, meaning Scotland contributes more than a quarter of the UK total.
  • 81.6% of Scottish workers earn the real living wage, the highest rate in the UK.
  • The new Real Living Wage rate was announced yesterday as £8.75 an hour.
  • Stoats produces a range of porridge oat bars, porridge pots & sachets, mueslis and oatcakes.


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