Transformation Advisory Group


Established in February 2023, the Transformation Advisory Group gives support and offers perspective to Scottish Ministers on the challenges and approaches to delivering greater organisational efficiency and effectiveness through organisational change.

The group supports existing work on building and enhancing corporate processes and continuous improvement capability, aimed at streamlining and improving the quality of our operations in the service of Scotland.

To achieve this, the group will:

  • provide advice, support, perspective and drive on our corporate transformation ambitions for building and enhancing process and continuous improvement capability
  • identify exemplars and best practice in the provision of high quality corporate services and organisational change that we can benchmark our own progress against
  • share insight on the use of process improvement methodologies in large organisations operating in complex environments
  • share insight on transformation journeys and supporting people through large change journeys, ensuring staff involvement
  • share and discuss the merits of quality management frameworks and change toolkits, and their application in complex corporate environments to structure and measure change
  • participate in discussions with officials leading on specific pieces of work on building and enhancing process and continuous improvement capability, to share lessons learned and expertise
  • promote and participate in the “One Scotland” collaborative approach to working across the public, private and academic sectors and use this collaboration to propose new ideas to maximise and unlock efficiencies in corporate services


  • Ivan McKee MSP, Minister for Business, Trade, Tourism and Enterprise
  • Louisa Barnett, Abrdn
  • Gavin Brogan, Diageo Global supply
  • Alan Cardwell, Triathlon Workx Ltd
  • Juliet Chua, FCDO
  • Chris Courtney, National Manufacturing Institute Scotland (NMIS)
  • Sarah Gadsden, The Improvement Service
  • Douglas Hill, GE Caledonian
  • Mark Logan, Scottish Government
  • Bob Moncrieff, DBI Network
  • Lynne O’Hare, National Manufacturing Institute Scotland (NMIS)
  • John Reid, Michelin
  • Ralph Roberts, NHS Borders and chair of NHS Chief Executives Group
  • Nick Shields, Scottish Manufacturing Advisory Service (SMAS)


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