Social Enterprise Action Plan Steering Group


The Scottish Government has established the Social Enterprise Action Plan Steering Group to support delivery of Scotland's Social Enterprise Action Plan 2021 - 2024.

Its members come from key delivery partners across the sector and their role is to advise on and influence delivery of the action plan.

The Group will be supporting delivery of the collective vision, ambitions and priorities of the sector set out in Scotland's Social Enterprise Strategy 2016-2026 These are focussed on stimulating social enterprise, developing stronger organisations and realising market opportunity. This is particularly important as we work together in response to the COVID 19 pandemic, recognising the crucial role that social enterprises play in developing the wellbeing economy.

The Group will develop the immediate and longer term priorities by bringing smaller groups of experts and delivery partners together. These specialised groups will advise on what actions to take and how they should be implemented.

Membership of the Group and sub-groups is drawn from across the social enterprise sector, reflecting Scotland’s diverse cultures and communities.

The work of the Group and any related groups will build upon existing research about the social impact of the sector. It will also look at how measurement can be improved to make sure the action plan can be delivered as effectively as possible.



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