Scottish Covid-19 Inquiry


On 14 December 2021, the Deputy First Minister announced that the Hon. Lady Poole would chair the Scottish Covid-19 Inquiry. The Terms of Reference for the Inquiry were also published. 

The Inquiry is currently being set up at pace and as it begins its work the Chair will undertake careful consideration and thorough examination of the Terms of Reference, during a period of reflection. Detailed work on how the inquiry can best achieve its aims is also underway. This includes how best to gather evidence. 

A bespoke website providing information on matters such as evidence gathering, location and key dates will be published in due course, and will be available at

Lady Poole said:

"I am honoured to chair this independent public inquiry examining the strategic response to the COVID-19 pandemic in Scotland. We have all been affected by this pandemic. There has been a major impact on every aspect of all our lives. The death of so many as a result of COVID-19 is a tragedy, and others have suffered in many different ways. 

“The inquiry will work independently to establish the facts in an open and transparent way in order to determine what lessons can be learned for the future. There is a great deal to be done in a short space of time. I will continue to give considerable thought as to how best to conduct the inquiry to ensure it fully achieves its aims, including a careful and thorough examination of the terms of reference.

“My immediate focus will be on getting the right people in place to support me and establishing the necessary systems, processes and information flows needed to allow the inquiry to function efficiently and deliver as quickly as possible. Work has already begun on this.

“It is too early to be any more specific about how the inquiry will carry out its functions, other than to say that the arrangements for providing both written and oral evidence will be set out in due course once the initial establishment phase is completed. A bespoke website will be created, to provide information and publish updates as the inquiry progresses.

“I look forward to collaborating with my counterpart on the UK COVID-19 inquiry once that inquiry is established."