Open Government Partnership Steering Group


The Open Government Partnership (OGP) brings together governments and civil society organisations as partners at both the national and international level. The Steering Group provides governance and a mechanism for ongoing dialogue and collaboration between civil society and government representatives.

The Steering Group has equal civil society and government membership, and decision-making will require consensus from at least half of government representatives and half of civil society representatives.

The Steering Group will meet a minimum of three times per year to agree and monitor implementation of the 2018 to 2020 National Action Plan and to set the strategic direction of wider open government strategy in Scotland.



  • Michael Russell, Cabinet Secretary for Government Business and Constitutional Relations
  • Lucy McTernan, Chair of Civil Society Steering Group

Civil society

  • Alex Stobart, Mydex CIC
  • Benjamin McElwee, See Me Scotland
  • Catherine Gee, Keep Scotland Beautiful
  • Eddy Borges-Rey, The University of Stirling
  • Elric Honore, Fife Centre for Equalities
  • Kaela Scott, Involve
  • Shaben Begum, Scottish Independent Advocacy Alliance  

Scottish Government

  • Audrey MacDougall, Deputy Director Communities Analysis Division and Chief Social Researcher
  • Barbara Allison, Director Communications, Ministerial Support & Facilities
  • Claire McPherson, Deputy Director Public Service Reform Division
  • Colin Cook, Director Digital
  • Doreen Grove, Head of Open Government
  • Roger Halliday, Chief Statistician and Head of Performance
  • Scott Bell, Head of Procurement Development and Construction Review Division
  • Stephen Gallagher, Director Communities and Local Government  

Local government

  • Councillor Kelly Parry, COSLA’s Community Wellbeing Spokesperson
  • Councillor Graham Houston, COSLA’s Vice President  

OGP Secretariat

  • Madeleine Fleming, Open Government, Scottish Government 


The Steering Group welcomes observers attending any meetings and all papers will be published here.